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Eastport Beach

One of the most loved beaches in the area, Eastport Beach has fine white sand and shallow waters that are perfect for visitors and their families. This beach is at the White Sails Inn’s doorstep and is also the start of the High Tide Trail. Eastport Beach has ample parking, wheelchair accessibility (with mobility mats on the beach), change rooms, washrooms, showers and cook houses.

Eastport Beach sunset
Eastport Beach quiet
People on Eastport Beach

Seal Cove Beach

Seal Cove Beach

A small sandy beach on the High Tide Trail, just a 5 minutes walk from the White Sails Inn. This is a secluded area tucked in between the busier Eastport and Northside Beaches.

Seal Cove Beach sand
Seal Cove Beach water

Northside Beach

Another popular beach and part of the High Tide Trail, Northside Beach is also accessible by car with ample parking. A beautiful white sandy beach that is often quieter, popular for walking and beachcombing (Nancy’s favourite!). The Beach has wheelchair accessibility (with mobility mats on the beach), a toilet facility and a cook house.

Northside Beach building
Northside Beach canoeing
Northside Beach rocks

Sandy Cove Beach

Sandy Cove Beach

Roughly a 3-minute drive from the White Sails Inn, this is another popular area beach. Sandy Cove Beach is also part of the Damnable Trail system, accessing the Sandy Cove Lookout Trail and the Coastal Ridge Trail to Salvage. There is parking and a toilet facility.

Sandy Cove Beach aerial view
Sandy Cove Beach sunset

Crooked Tree Park

This park is located at Sandy Cove Pond (a 3-minute drive from the White Sails Inn). The park offers a picnic area, playground and fresh water swimming (ideal for all ages because of the shallow water). Also, this pond is ideal for kayaking or paddle boards. A beautiful, 2½ km walking trail surrounds the pond. There is ample parking, toilet facilities, change rooms, cook house and a wharf.

Crooked Tree Park walking trail
Crooked Tree Park wildflowers
Crooked Tree Park sign


Eastport area trail map

High Tide Trail

High Tide Trail trail head

Measuring 2½ kms in length one-way and meandering around an amazing shoreline, the High Tide Trail connects three beaches (Eastport, Seal Cove, and Northside). Visitors can see a vibrant sea environment with tide pools and wildlife such as otters, mink, seals, and sea birds of many types (including eagles and osprey hawks). There are many places to sit and enjoy the vistas, but most prefer right at the sea’s edge where natural rock formations provide comfortable sitting areas.

High Tide Trail rock to boardwalk
High Tide Trail boardwalk

Old School House Trail

Another section of the Damnable Trail system, the Old Schoolhouse Trail is a new addition and connects the towns of Happy Adventure and Sandy Cove. A trail through ancient boreal forest and connecting to beautiful shoreline vistas and Sandy Cove Beach, this trail measures about 2 kms in length, but then connects to other trails that can take visitors as far as the Town of Salvage on the Coastal Ridge Trail. The Old Schoolhouse Trail has many sitting areas and the views are truly spectacular. This trail is a 2-3 minute drive from the White Sails Inn property.

Old School House Trail

The Damnable Trail System

The Damnable Trail through forest

The Eastport peninsula is the home of the Damnable Trail system, a hiker’s paradise with trails suitable for all levels. With the High Tide Trail at our doorstep, several other trails within a 2-3 minute drive, and the Salvage trails within a 10-minute drive, the White Sails Inn and Cabins is in the centre of it all.

The Damnable Trail boardwalk
The Damnable Trail lookout

Town of Salvage

The Town of Salvage is one of the oldest communities in Bonavista Bay. With a rich fishing heritage dating back hundreds of years, most settlers to the Eastport peninsula first lived and worked in this community. To this day, Salvage is still a fishing community for a few, but the town comprises mostly retired residents and summer home-owners. Salvage is a 10-minute drive from the White Sails Inn. There is a Fisherman’s Museum in the town that covers the history quite well, and there are the various Damnable Trails to explore.

A historic Newfoundland outport built on rock with gorgeous ocean views, red fishing stages and coastal trails steeped in history. It is a “must” when visiting the peninsula.

Ice flow in Salvage
Driftwood and house on beach
Cabin on grass
Stage and lobster pots
Crab pots

Day Trips

Spend Your Afternoon

  • Eastport Beach (steps away)
  • High Tide Trail (steps away)
  • Old Schoolhouse Trail (3-4 minute drive)
  • Seal Cove Beach (10 minute walk on High Tide Trail)
  • Northside Beach (20 minute walk on High Tide Trail)
  • Sandy Cove Beach (3 minute drive)
  • Crooked Tree Park Swimming Pond/Picnic Area
    (3 minute drive)
  • Kayaking
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Boat Tours

Festivals/Performances at the Beaches Arts and Heritage Centre
(7 minute walk):

  • Winterset Literary Festival
  • Accordion Festival
  • Music and drama performances
  • Heritage Centre
  • Damnable Trails Festival
  • Agricultural Festival
  • Salvage Fishermans Museum (10 minute drive)
  • Damnable Trails Salvage (10 minute drive)
  • Ferry to St. Brendan’s Island (10 minute drive)
St. Brendan’s
People on Eastport Beach
High Tide Trail sign
Old School House Trail
Seal Cove Beach
Northside Beach
Sandy Cove Beach
Damnable Trail
Day trip map

Day Trips

Spend Your Day

Within 20 minutes

Terra Nova National Park Splash and Putt Water Park

Day Trip Ideas (within 45-60 minutes)

Terra Nova Golf Course Gander Golf Course

Several Salmon Fishing Areas

Town of Gander Town of Clarenville

Day Trip Ideas (within 1-2 hours)

Bonavista Peninsula

Bonavista Elliston Trinity Port Rexton Port Union Twillingate

The Loop

Greenspond New Wes Valley Newtown Lumsden

Cape Freels

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